Porsha Stewart

Porsha dishes on how it was being on NeNe's bad side for the first time.

on Mar 5, 2013

Later I heard Cynthia had been corresponding with NeNe all night, so why didn't she tell her we were going to be late? That's weird to me, because the issue was that NeNe didn't know we were going to be late. Now here we are still headed to her house, even after she hung up in Cynthia’s face. Trust me, if it were up to me, we would have let her rest and buy her an “I’m sorry” gift and try again the next day.

I have heard about how NeNe can get upset, but it was pretty intense on that curb seeing it in person. I felt bad, because as a person who loves to host at home, I know how much she probably had done to prepare. At least we were able to apologize and start fresh the next day.

I have to say I was ready to leave LA after that; it seemed like the trip was going to be doomed. I was ready to head to Vegas to familiar territory. Kordell and I used to go a lot to see shows and shop. It's definitely an adult playground. At the end of the day I had a great time at Groundlings and dinner.