Porsha Stewart

Porsha dishes on meeting NeNe and Cynthia and explains her 265 days a year comment.

on Dec 4, 2012

What's up, my loves? I hope you all had a great weekend! I was so late on last week’s blog that I decided I would play catch up with you this week. *Smile* Did you all enjoy the episode?! I know I did, even though I must say it left me with mixed feelings about a couple things. Boy, I tell you it never gets easy seeing myself on TV. Seriously, it’s one thing to film and an entirely different experience watching yourself in action.

In the last episode you guys know that I met Cynthia and NeNe for the first time. Honestly, it was a little nerve wracking seeing I had so little time to prepare. My goal going into the meeting was to give the ladies more information of my vision for how I would like to increase donations for the foundation as well as experience a more intimate side of the founder, Rev. Dr. Hosea Williams, by having them over to his home. I was also hoping they would like to become active with the foundation and participate in a Public Service Announcement. Gathering up my confidence, I was up for the challenge. I’ve seen and witnessed NeNe from a distance volunteering at my family’s charity events. She really seemed pleasant, but we never actually met. I knew that she was known for being outspoken, so I couldn’t help from wondering if she would be territorial when I joined the group.

I had already met one crazy person who was a friend to this group of ladies, so I was even more cautious this time. When we did meet, I was pleasantly surprised. Cynthia, NeNe, and I automatically clicked and enjoyed our time together that day even celebrating with a toast to giving back. *Boom* We spoke about marriage, children, and our love for helping others. I was thinking to myself that this is how you converse with REAL women who have REAL lives. After meeting NeNe and Cynthia, I was able to get a sense of their spirit and vice versa. PS: And yes, it was hilarious to me too when I said 265 a year. LMBO! It was a combination of nervousness plus national TV, which equaled an epic fail. *Giggle*