Porsha Stewart

Porsha dishes on meeting NeNe and Cynthia and explains her 265 days a year comment.

on Dec 4, 2012

As for the Former Miss USA… *Get yo life* How pathetic to invite yourself on a trip. I'm assuming you'll be bringing this man you are trying to TRAP. Hit me up and let me know if I need to teach you how to get a HUSBAND, because as for those freezer burned micro dishes, sorry, those aren't going to cut it, honey! Note: know that you are worth him asking for YOUR hand and not the other way around. Otherwise it comes off looking a bit desperate, don't you think? LOL.

OMG, I’m all off track, I so did not intend on going there. *Slap on wrist* Anyway I have to go; I'm making my first pot roast tonight. Check me out on Instagram: PorshadStewart to see how it turns out. I'll chat with you guys next week.

Let's celebrate our sisters instead trying to bring others down. Often we will find that while we are uplifting others, we will also be uplifted and our desires will be revealed to us a lot sooner than later. The “crabs in a barrel” mentality only exists if we view ourselves as a crab. First picture a better future, speak it into existence, then bask in the success of your efforts fruition.

Lots of Love,
Porsha Stewart

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