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Kenya's Shocking Behavior

Porsha was speechless watching Kenya dance with Peter.

Hello good people, I hope your week is going as you planned so far. Let’s jump right in. This past weekend I sat down with a bowl of popcorn and enjoyed watching RHOA just like all of you. I was ready for a crazy episode, and boy was I not disappointed.

Arriving at the airport, I was so excited to go to Anguilla with the ladies and thankful that Cynthia and Peter had extended the invitation to me and my husband to accompany them there. I love traveling with my hubby, and any chance to have a great time with some romance involved, no need to ask, you can count me in! LOL! It was great to meet all the ladies and their better halves. You know how it is when you meet a person and then you meet their mate you think, "Yes you all definitely match each other." That's how I felt about the couples in this group, well, except for one I had to *side eye*.

The atmosphere was just perfect for any loving couple and just the type of place to bring someone, seal the deal, and get engaged. Yay! For me from the outside looking in, I would have guessed it would be Kandi and Todd or NeNe and Gregg. As for the odd couple, I must say the prospect of a blissful marriage seems no closer to happening than hell freezing over. LOL! But I still wish you luck. Everyone deserves love.

Anyway, let's get into the Big Buns or Double Side of Mash. Child, Miss Pheadra showed up and showed out. I definitely feel like she was showing Kenya what's been holding my hubby down. Get it, girl! But as for me, I would have done it a little differently. I just feel that my reaction to another woman pushing my man would have been to kindly shove her in the lovely pool as a return favor instead of allowing my husband to return the playful gesture. Boom! I simply feel it was in bad taste as she said, and for me watching that again on TV, I completely see why Ms. Parks felt disrespected. However, I have to give Ms. Parks credit for shutting down the indecent proposal offered by Kenya, asking whether she and a friend could have a go at her husband. Side Bar: It’s funny who thinks they’re a great role model. Anyhow , I really enjoyed going to the event and having the native island girls perform for us. I believe I caught the island fever, because I seem to have fancied myself a dancer as well. I think my hubby enjoyed my moves. LOL! It was also so good to see everyone relaxing and letting their hair down. I love to have a good time with good people.

Another shocker -- I was speechless seeing the former Miss USA dropping it on another husband and propositioning a married man for sperm. *Have several seats.* Gross!

I must say all and all, I am enjoying myself so far on this trip. Let's hope things don't get any crazier while we all continue sipping on this island punch with our sweetie pies in this gorgeous destination for love. Well I have to go I'm getting my hair done so I can look cute for my boo. Got to keep it tight and right. LOL! Talk to you soon!

Lots of Love! *smooches*

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Phaedra discusses her heart breaking for her children and gives us an update on her marital status. What was Ayden doing on the day of the reunion?

Phaedra Parks: When Ayden spoke with Andy he had just arrived home from day school. He is a pre-K student. In his spare time he plays competitive soccer, makes paper airplanes and loves anything related to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Why did you get emotional talking about your kids?

PP: My kids are everything to me, and as I have said many times before, everything I do is with them in mind. It has been a difficult time for all of us, and there’s been a lot of pain that people have not seen. As a parent, seeing your kids go through something like this is heartbreaking and just thinking about it can make me emotional. My kids are so beautiful, inside and out, and they don’t deserve this. It makes me sad. It is overwhelming to be publicly judged and second guessed for the choices I make for my children by people who have not displayed any genuine concern for me or the well-being of my children. But we are survivors and I am doing everything possible to ensure my sons' well-being. Has your marital status changed since the reunion filming?

PP: My marital status has not changed. I am still married.


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