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Soul Searching in a Strip Club - Ep 9's Associate Editor wonders how Cynthia selected that strip club.

This episode really straddled the line between sexy and attempted sexy moments. There must have been something in the Atlanta air...

No. 3 - French Kissin' in the U.S.A

What's the best way to shoot down those pesky divorce rumors? Pheadra and Apollo have your answer -- simply make out in public. But not just any make out will do; you need to commit wholeheartedly and whole-mouthedly. Because really the only way you could do that in public without feeling so incredibly awkward and like you can never look your partner in the eye again is to be secure in your relationship.

No. 2 - Rich Fabrics

You may not have thought it possible, but I think NeNe proved she is even richer than last season (bitch!) with her cash couture. I preferred it to the diamond bath look, but hey, that's just me. Is this the launching pad for a line of NeNe Leakes looks? Just some casual items made out of money or expensive items -- the gold doubloon blouse, the Benjamin bottoms, treasure chest tops -- this could be huge!



No. 1 - Strip Search

Cynthia decides she wants to go to a strip club with Peter, Phaedra, and Apollo to see what the fuss is about for guys. Now, I'm not sure how they ended up picking the fine establishment they did, but it managed to be the both the best and worst choice ever. Why? Let's just say the median age for the dancers was, well, a bit higher than you might have expected. It was great for them to support these veteran performers, and as Phaedra pointed out, good for them that they're still comfortable showing off their bodies. At the same time, it was almost impossible to take in a word of Apollo's serious "I need to find myself" speech while these seasoned strippers were shaking their stuff. Just take a look for yourself.

Next week we get to meet NeNe's granddaughter, excuse me, glam-daughter.

Who Wore It Best: Olivia Pope or the Atlanta 'Wives?

The Atlanta ladies took some style cues from Scandal's notorious wearer of white, Olivia Pope, for the Season 7 reunion.

Sure, Olivia Pope has seen her fair share of scandal, but this may be the biggest one yet -- the Atlanta Housewives sported her signature all-white style at the Season 7 reunion!

So the real question now is not whether Olivia and Fitz will ever be together, but who wore it best?

1Olivia Pope or NeNe Leakes?

NeNe's making this power suit look so fierce and so successful. 

2Olivia Pope or Kenya Moore?

People get exhausted trying to figure out whether Kenya out twirled Olivia in this look, but we'll just let them.

3Olivia Pope or Porsha Williams?

Porsha may have been confused about the Underground Railroad, but she certainly knows how to rock the train of this white number.

4Olivia Pope or Cynthia Bailey?

Life's full of choices, but do you choose Cynthia?

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