The BAM! Squad's Associate Editor thinks it must be awkward to eat mussels with Roble.

on Feb 19, 2013

No. 3 - Cynthia and Kenya, BFFs?

I think everyone was pretty shocked (including NeNe) that Cynthia agreed to have Kenya be a judge at her pageant. What would happen if one of the contestants flashed some coochie crack? Would Kenya disqualify them? Would security be called? Evidently Cynthia was not concerned now that she and Kenya have moved past their previous altercations. Hmm, do I sense some possible friend envy on the horizon for NeNe and Kenya?

It's just a shame that 'Gone with the Wind Fabulous' was not yet a thing, because it would have made for a delightful halftime show.

Side note: I think NeNe needs to make the Miss BooBoo pageant happen.