The BAM! Squad's Associate Editor has figured out why NeNe was so mad at the girls for being late.

on Mar 4, 2013

No. 3 - Tardy for the Party

I'm pretty sure only NeNe could face down five other Housewives at once and turn them away at the door (a scary/daunting propsect). But that's exactly what she did, so lesson learned -- don't show up at Chez NeNe three hours late for an event.

Now the question on everyone's mind is why NeNe wouldn't just let them in. Sure, being that late for a dinner party is pretty egregious, but they could at least see the house and socialize for a bit, right? Well I think I have figured out why NeNe was so incredibly miffed -- Tardy for the Party. Given NeNe's rocky history with Kim and that song, I'm guessing that a subliminal level that association made NeNe irrationally angry at the girls for being tardy to her party. Mystery solved.