Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia shares her approach to raising a teenager.

on Dec 1, 2013

Hello everyone! Hope you guys enjoyed another drama-filled episode of The Real Housewives of Atlanta! Let's jump right in!

This blog is for all the mothers that are raising young daughters. I had Noelle when I was 32 years old, and she is my only child by birth. She was raised by me and her father (Leon) in New York City all of her life until we moved to Atlanta five years ago. She grew up going on play dates with her friends (boys and girls) since she was a baby. I am very close to my daughter, and I have always encouraged her to talk to me about anything and everything. I believe that as long as I keep the lines of communication open with her, I will always be able to give her proper direction, protection, and guidance.

How time flies! My 14-year-old Noelle is now in high school, and as expected she is starting to be curious about boys. This is no big surprise to me as I went through the same thing at her age. However, the world I lived in then is not the same world I live in now. The Internet and social media have changed the game. Noelle has access to information that I never had access to as a teenager. I can monitor and try to control it, but through friends and school, information always finds its way to her eyes and ears. It's my job as her mother to protect her, but I also have to know when to lengthen the leash. Not take the leash off, just lengthen it a bit! I think that when you shelter your kids too much, they become very overwhelmed when they finally get a taste of freedom! There has to be a balance. You have to protect your kids, but you also have to slowly allow them to grow up.