Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia was shocked to hear some of the things NeNe had to say about Peter.

on Feb 26


The Bailey Bowl is basically field day for grown folks. Since my battle with fibroids, I have become a health advocate. I workout, and with the help of, I make better food choices in my daily diet. I have more energy and feel great! The Bailey Bowl is a collaboration of games (indoor and outdoor) that focuses on the spirit of making exercising fun. We are not getting any younger and can all benefit from exercise. So, I decided to invite the girls to participate by making their own teams to compete against each other. Everyone had great team spirit and came to win. Especially Kandi! I did say make your dream team, however I did not say recruit the NFL, the NBA, and an Olympic Gold Medalist! She brought it and I loved it. It was an awesome event!

So the million dollar question is: Who won The Bailey Bowl? I think it was between Team Cynthia and Team Naked. Honestly, with all that drama at the end, we may never know. Unfortunate ending to a great day.

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