Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia explains why she's ultimately happy about the new space for The Bailey Agency.

on Nov 5, 2013


Wow! So much has happened since the last time we talked, so let's jump right in. The Bailey Agency School of Fashion has outgrown its original location, and we have moved to a larger one! I am super excited to introduce the world to Industry Studios, which is the new home to The Bailey Agency School of Fashion, Derek Blanks Photography, and Peter Thomas Entertainment. I love it! Industry Studios is the perfect space to grow into (it's huge) and God willing I look forward to being there for many years.

Yes, you heard me right when I said Peter started renting the building (he did NOT buy it like I said he did, my mistake) 6 months before he told me about it. Initially I was annoyed that he did not consult with me first, but I now understand why he did not. The reason is simple: I would have shut the idea down. I don't like to take risks or jump into things before I fully understand how they can benefit me or my situation. Peter started renting the space with the vision that one day it would be exactly what it is today, Industry Studios. The collaboration of TBA, Derek Blanks Photography, and Peter Thomas Entertainment is definitely a power move for all involved. Business has been booming, and we have only been at Industry for about 5 months. We have already had great talents such as Michelle Williams, Tyrese, Monica, Jaheim, Towanda Braxton, and many more walk through our doors for business! Also, The Cynthia Bailey Model Search and Miss Renaissance Pageant 2013 were huge successes this year. As for everything else that's been going on, you guys will see in the weeks to come. Expect big things from Industry Studios and The Bailey Agency School of Fashion, because they are definitely coming!

Thank you to all the ladies for coming and supporting my event. Your kind words and well wishes mean the world to me.