Kenya Moore

Kenya's is tired of hearing Apollo's accusations.

on Dec 3, 2013


Seeing the dynamic of Kandi’s relationship drama unfold with her mother and Todd was like watching a movie that doesn’t know what genre it’s classified in.  Is it a horror movie?  When Mama Joyce tells Todd that Kandi “stepped herself down for him.” With my mouth agape I was horrified that she would say something so hurtful and disrespectful. Is it a love story? Todd asserting his love for Kandi and his desire to repair the relationship with Kandi’s mom in hopes of moving forward and some day marrying.  And Mama Joyce professing she will stop at nothing to protect her daughter. Is it a thriller? When Mama Joyce accuses Todd of being an opportunist and vows to hunt Todd down while investigating him. A dramedy? Emotionally conflicted I haven’t laughed and cried while watching our show so much. I had to make sure I wasn’t at a Tyler Perry movie! (LOL!) Although I sincerely appreciate the love these two have for Kandi, the way to a resolution is to speak honestly, respectfully, and constructively. Hurling insults, daggers, and threats is not a positive way to work on any relationship. In my humble opinion, Todd handled the situation with dignity, respect, and caution. Mama Joyce on the other hand… although a work in progress, she is old school to her core and you can’t slick a can of oil.  To be continued.