Kenya Moore

Kenya thinks Porsha should lay off the Kordell comments.

on Nov 19, 2013


Conya showed up at 3pm so she could try to have me arrested to further harass and embarrass me. She called 911 making use of the taxpayers hard earned money to spew a malicious, spiteful, derogatory, inaccurate physical description of myself such as “implants, weave”, etc. WHO DOES THAT? Clearly she wanted me arrested so she can try to sell additional erroneous stories and photos to the hateful blogs.

Conya’s slanderous behavior has cost her over $10,000 in damages awarded to me in court, and up to an additional $15,000 in punitive damages to be finalized in our next hearing. My hope for her is that her daughter is spared from the lunacy of this obsessed fan.

The hideous dress was from her first failed marriage. I was having some fun in my goofy way. I twirled and twerked all over that house hunty! It was fun!