Kenya Moore

Kenya explains why she got so heated about the girls' behavior.

on Dec 17, 2013


Shady Faye AKA FAKETRA continues to unnecessarily slander me in her interviews often using the word “whore.” I find it ironic that a woman that professes to be a Christian would use this type of language or resort to these attacks. In my opinion, since her business of being an attorney seems to be in the toilet, Phaedra appears to be comfortable slinging poop. Having said that, clearly, when Phaedra uses the word whore, she is referring to herself. The girls have long heard the rumors of her past of being a “head doctor.” Keep watching as the details of her past are exposed…

Mama Joyce is probably exhausted from all the energy it takes to stand in Kandi’s way in her quest for lasting love. She has to let her go. I think by Mama Joyce stating she was done was her way of doing this. Kandi deserves happiness and joy, and not just from her sex toy line.


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