Cast Blog: #RHOA

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Porsha's Reality Check

Porsha was glad her sister was on hand to keep her from buying the $7,000 shoes.

First and foremost, let me say I missed you all! I want to express how thankful and appreciative I am of how you all have surrounded me with love and support! Not one email, tweet, or IG has gone unnoticed. The situation I was in was one of the most difficult things I or any person could go through. I feel so blessed to have had you all praying and wishing me well; it truly warmed my spirit. Love you guys.  

I hope you all have been enjoying the season so far. For me it's been a little difficult to watch up until now. The first couple episodes were so emotional to experience and therefore tough to watch. I really didn't want to put myself back in that place where I was so hurt. However, now I'm in a better place and want to make sure I'm communicating with all of you.

This past weekend’s episode was so funny to me among other things. Let’s jump right in...

Kandi: When it comes to Kandi and Todd, I have witnessed true love between them! It's just something about how they look at each other. I've been in love a time or two, and I know the glow it can put on a woman's face. When it comes to Kandi and her mom, I understand both sides. From Ms. Joyce’s side I know how much she loves her baby girl and she just wants the best for her. Sometimes when you have been through hurtful things and know how it feels, you will go above and beyond to protect the ones you love from experiencing that pain. Although I feel in this case that it's blinded protection, because she loves Kandi so much. I feel as though she is not ready to see how in love Kandi is with Todd. As for Kandi I would love for her to just go ahead plan a wedding and follow through. I bet her mom will show up and it will work out, because of how much she loves her. It's just like if a teenager becomes pregnant outside of marriage: the parents may be disappointed, but when the baby is born, the family is proud and ready to love and cherish the blessing of having a new family member. I truly believe love will conquer all in any case.

Now moving right along... As for me shopping in Gregory, I am still salty I didn't get those fabulous shoes. But I have to make sure I'm staying focused on what's important. I'm glad my sister was there to give me a little reality check. (LOL! Hater!) If I'm going to become a strong, independent woman and self-sufficient, I'm going to have to continue to make good decisions for myself.

Well I have to go and get my coins together *giggles*, so I'll chat with you next week.

Love you lots! Pray for me as I pray for you!