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Recap: Kandi Koated Chaos

Ep 14: Whatever you do, never start any beef with Kandi Burruss.

You know the saying "out of the frying pan and into the fire"? Well this week we went out of the frying pan full of bare-chested men going at it and into the fire that is Kandi's extremely terrifying rage.

After Apollo was finally taken far, far away from the Pillow Talk party (and Phaedra located her black Prada bag), it seemed like things had calmed down...for about five seconds. Whatever was in that water and wine clearly had not yet run its course, because Kandi decided this was the time to clear up Natalie's comments about Todd with the larger group. Natalie tried to deny any "opportunist" talk and Cynthia attempted to give her side of all the things that were said, but this went down a little too close to Kandi's personal space. Suddenly Todd's pushing Peter, Malorie pops up to push Todd and Kandi, and then Kandi just snaps.


Now Kandi stays cool about 98% of the time on this show, but every now and again she just goes OFF when someone pushes her too far (i.e. Marlo on the Season 4 Reunion). And it is not pretty. When Kandi gets mad, you just run and head for the hills, because she will "drag you in this, bitch."

I'm almost inclined to agree with Porsha and Phaedra on the fact that there were angry spirits roaming the halls of this party venue. I mean seriously, it was this whole fiasco was so crazy that it may be the only explanation.And then the morning after. Everyone seemed to have a different take on what went down and who's to blame. My favorite part of all the intercut scenes being Kandi and Cynthia's impersonations of each other.



Fairly accurate! Maybe Cynthia should consider auditioning for Kandi's musical.

Oh and this happened:


Back to Kandi's musical though, why did everyone at the open casting call sing "Amazing Grace"? You're auditioning for a musical and have an entire canon of Broadway hits to choose from, let's mix it up a bit, people!

Side Note: Was anyone else secretly hoping Kim Zolciak would show up and audition?
Kandi, after fully recognizing that she went way too far, courageously reached out to all the ladies to get them together for a spa day in order to (hopefully) iron out their issues and also any lower back pain. And on a positive note, everyone showed up and they were all willing to be in the same room (so long as there was someone massaging them). So hey, progress! During their post-rubdown tea, Kandi flat out apologized to everyone, which was admirable. Cynthia apologized for any pushing from Peter and Mal. And NeNe and Kenya, well, they just yelled at each other.

NeNe is putting all of the evening's craziness on Kenya, and Kenya is refusing to be blamed for any of it. And while I was mostly filled with "this is going south real fast" dread, I did have to chuckle when NeNe said: "I don't even need Gregg's help, I'm a gangster. He'll be sitting there all by himself looking." Because true. Although, Gregg is a gangster in his own way:


After that Phaedra's tea bag broke and the ladies decided to take what little progress they'd made and hightail it out of Jeju Sauna & Well Being Spa.

Next week Kenya's throwing some kind of masquerade, but the only mystery is that Peter and NeNe seem to have some sort of beef brewing.