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Recap: Rated G-Code

Ep 2: In which we learn it's never cool to text another girl's man, even if it's just to go buy chips together.

It's been a full week since the notorious ear pull incident:


So let's review the fallout.

Kenya may not have fared so well in her battle with NeNe, but she did get a big win in her legal battle against her former landlord. Paparazzi stalking ensued, and she was able to share the good news with the world.


NeNe, in a surprising move, reached out to Kenya to talk through what happened at Cynthia's event. But she wasn't exactly ready to whip out a violin for Kenya's sob story about the near-eviction...


But she did offer some good advice when Kenya called her out for inviting Walter to the wedding. In NeNe's experience if you get stuck seeing an ex, "that's when you really twirl, honey." Amen!

After seemingly moving past the issues they had with one another however, NeNe wants to get Kenya to do the same with all the other ladies, particularly Phaedra, for breaking the "G-Code" (that's the cool way to say Girl Code FYI) by texting with Apollo.

This led to perhaps an even more important piece of NeNe Leakes wisdom: "All this dick in Atlanta and you gotta take somebody else's man? Girl no."

Elsewhere in the ATL, Cynthia was dealing with some serious fibroid issues that were causing her to gain unwanted weight. (Personally I think she should have that extra cupcake if she wants it no matter what Peter says, because she always looks good! And who doesn't love cupcakes?)

We also learned this week that Kandi usually has the best snacks at her house (i.e. chicken wings) at her house. Don't give in to the wine and cheese pressure, Kandi! Make wine and wings happen!

Oh and Porsha debuted a super short 'do at Kandi's wing-less event.


Oddly enough, it was very similar to the look she sported as Dorothy Dandridge on last season's finale.

real-housewives-of-atlanta-season-5-finaPhaedra confirmed my suspicions when she revealed that she hasn't slept in three years. Because between two babies, a law practice, and a burgeoning mortuary career, there simply isn't any time!

Three years worth of exhaustion might explain why she gave Apollo some serious side eye when he implied Phaedra doesn't compliment him enough on the house renovations.


When all the Housewives finally got together for this casual Girl Code Summit. Phaedra showed up in her funeral best and everyone basically told Kenya it's not cool to text anyone's man. Even if it's only to set up some time to buy a bag of chips together.

Finally Kandi and Mama Joyce GOT INTO IT over Todd at Kandi's old house. Which she gave to her mom. (Seriously, if I one day give my parents a house, it comes with the stipulation that they must approve all my life choices. At least that's what I've learned from this scene.)

Going for the engagement ring? I'm pretty sure that's against the rules of Housewives etiquette. Things can only get better between them after that, right?

Side Note: Joyce needs to stop hanging out on whatever streets she's hearing all these things about Todd!

Next week Kenya twerks on a piano, because why not? So tune in for that!

Phaedra: I Do What's Best for My Children

Phaedra Parks responds to criticism over not bringing her children to see Apollo. Did you ever get to see NeNe perform in Cinderella?
Phaedra Parks: I most certainly did see NeNe on Broadway, and she was absolutely fantastic, as you would expect. Her performance was dazzling and I was particularly impressed with how she made the role her own. It can be difficult to portray such a well-known character, let alone add your own style and flair to such an established role. One of the best parts of watching NeNe on stage was seeing her so happy; she was enjoying every minute of it and was absolutely glowing. I’m looking forward to seeing whatever is next for my friend. You’re getting some criticism for not taking the kids to see Apollo; why haven’t you taken them?
PP: Despite the fact that I’m on a reality show, there are some things in my life that are off-limits. People who watch the show only get one slice of the entire Phaedra pie, and it’s unfair to make judgments about someone, or a situation, without having all the information. The one thing I will say is that every single decision I make is based on one thing: the well-being of my two boys. It’s easy for people to ask why she did that or why she isn’t doing this, but the simple truth is unless you are in that situation yourself, you really can’t make that judgment. I do my best to make smart decisions after carefully considering all options and consulting with experts and others who advise me. I know in my heart that everything I do is based on what is best for my children.

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