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Recap: Wine Gone Wild

Ep 12: Everyone learned not to come for Kandi's mom, food, or man this week.

Who's ready to pour some wine and spill some tea? You are? Great! Let's jump right in.

Peter and Cynthia may have their ups and downs, but here they are celebrating their third wedding anniversary. Mazel! It seems as if they've at least put aside the whole Malorie-fueled debacle behind them for the night and enjoy an intimate dinner for...four? They seemingly decided to celebrate with another couple, Christopher and Natalie, who (like approximately 20% of the people featured on the show) had some potentially shady things to say about Todd. More on this to come.

In any event, Peter revealed that he had actually planned an intimate dinner for Cynthia (just the two of them) over at their new studio, complete with a serenading from Christopher, who also happens to be a singer. Seriously if there's one thing that Peter is really good at, it's big, romantic surprises.


Over at Porsha's new pad, NeNe stopped by in an attempt to work on their relationship post-trunk show tear fest. NeNe brought over some wine, but her true housewarming gift to Porsha was clearly their little gossip session about Kenya's "African Prince" and her new car. Nothing says "welcome to your new home" quite like getting the tea on your frenemy.


Speaking of Kenya, she's having a baby! No, she's not pregnant, but she's planning pursue motherhood without waiting around for a man. And as she revealed this news to her family, they seemed...


...happy? Confused? Maybe a little of both? Either way, Kenya's pretty pumped to start a new chapter of her life and start building her own family.

Meanwhile Kandi went on the hunt for a potential space for her new musical along with Todd, who had just recently defected to go pursue another opportunity. Maybe it was the magic of the theater, maybe Kandi's sound check on the stage touched something in Todd, but after Kandi gave the place her stamp of approval, Todd decided he wanted back in on the musical. Yay! Finally a win for Kandi.


The 'Wives then took a group trip to a local Atlanta vineyard. (Who knew Atlanta wine was a thing?) It was quite the group between all of our beloved 'Wives, Cynthia's sister Malorie, Marlo (she's baaack!), one of NeNe's bridesmaids, and Cynthia's friend Natalie. Now you knew this would be a recipe for disaster, but surprisingly not so much a disaster as you might have thought. (Personally Kandi and Marlo being in the same room was making me INCREDIBLY nervous, as I'm sure anyone else who watched the Season 4 reunion was).

After everyone was thoroughly wined up (and props to NeNe's friend for grabbing a red wine glass right away just because it was bigger), the corks hit the fan. Kenya and Natalie got into it, with Kenya calling her marriage to Christopher a common law "gift certificate" wedding and letting rip that she had been talking smack about Todd.

At this point Natalie tried to explain that she didn't really mean he was an opportunist, but basically saying that he was an opportunist. You couldn't help but agree with Kenya's digging herself deeper motion, because you could see the fear in Natalie's eyes when she realized she was doomed, because as all the ladies seem to know, you don't mess with Kandi's mom, Kandi's food, or Kandi's man.

But Kandi actually went pretty easy on her, and in a genius move simply turned it around into, yes he's bettering himself with me because I am the bomb. Copious toasting and laughter ensued to a game well played on Kandi's part, while new comer Natalie was left to brood. But hey, at least there was plenty of wine!

Side Note: Did anyone else notice that almost EVERYONE was wearing a black dress? Is that standard wine tasting attire?

Next week everyone is fighting in lingerie and I am already predicting many, many wardrobe malfunctions...

Claudia: This Group Should Reserve Judgment

Claudia Jordan thinks the other 'Wives shouldn't be so willing to believe rumors. How shocked were you when Cynthia shared the rumor about Chocolate?

Claudia Jordan: Well I really don't know Phaedra that much to comment on her personal life, but from the little bit I am privy to, I was surprised to hear about an alleged affair considering the extreme criticism that Kenya got. At the end of the day only two people know what really did or did not happen, and I would love for this group to reserve judgment on everyone until there is confirmation. But I think a precedent had been set a long time ago, so that has opened the door to where we are now. I think it's easy to believe something negative about someone in the group, because in the past it's been shown that it takes very little actual evidence or proof for some to jump on that bandwagon. Hopefully we can get to a place where we afford each other the same benefit of the doubt that they may one day give us. At the end of the day there should be a protocol that we all follow and it should be applied to everyone. Until then I suspect we may continue to have a problem. But I am hopeful. Perhaps a lot of the drama in this group is because there are so many unresolved issues. And that combined with all the double standards in place is a sure fire recipe for disaster. I still have hope though. Again, not to have everyone be besties, but just being able to co-exist in the same space would be a major accomplishment with these ladies. What were you thinking when Phaedra blew up at Kenya?

CJ: I thought it was silly and out of character. But I am glad that Phaedra had enough good sense to not actually hit Kenya. We don't need another physical altercation in this group. Again, we are all supposed to be mature ladies, so with that being said, I think the majority of us have a pretty good grasp of the English language and should be able to talk anything out without resorting to violence. Hitting each other is low class, childish, and ignorant behavior, and I'm so glad that Phaedra didn't really go there. Were you surprised when Phaedra walked out?

CJ: Although this has nothing to do with me, I am around these ladies and a witness to all the shenanigans, but from what I've gathered, I wasn't surprised that Phaedra walked out. That seems to be a recurring theme in this group when things get uncomfortable. But at the same time, I am glad she did. If you ever feel the urge to put hands on someone and you are done talking, I think the best thing to do is excuse yourself and leave the situation without adding any more inflammatory language to the mix.

I would like to say that a lot of these issues in this group of course started way before I came around, but being here and seeing things with my own eyes has definitely been enlightening. It tends to get confusing as to what is acceptable and unacceptable behavior in this group, because there are clearly double standards. So in some cases it seems like it's OK to bring up sensitive information in front of the entire group, then in other cases it's not OK -- seems like it all depends on whom it's about. In a perfect world I wouldn't expect for us not to spill tea -- I mean that's what we do -- but if folks expect to be pulled aside to be asked about a rumor or some "tea," then I would hope they would abide by that rule and extend the same courtesy. That's all. Because the way it is now is causing far too much confusion, and as long as there is confusion and unfairness, there is going to be conflict. I've never been around so many arguments, so much shadiness and mudslinging in my life. And especially not since I graduated high school back in the '90s! Maybe there is a way we can get us to a place where we can co-exist peacefully. Hey, a girl can dream can't she?

Again, I want to thank all the viewers that tune in weekly to The Real Housewives of Atlanta. I just returned from Charlotte, North Carolina where I was making a few appearances at CIAA and the love and support I got from hundreds of people that wanted to take pictures and talk about the show; it was amazing! So many people told me they love what I'm bringing to RHOA and I just wanted to say thank you to any of them that may be reading this. The show is loved by so many and I feel we have a responsibility to entertain and hopefully inspire. We've got a lot of the season left and I hope the fans will be happy with how everything turns out! Love you guys!

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