The BAM! Squad

Ep 13: Gregg even managed to outshine Mr. President this week.

on Jan 27

How we went from a children's party with choreographed dances to a lingerie party with grown men grappling with one another is beyond me, but it did somehow all happen this week.

Phaedra summoned perennial #RHOA party planner Dwight to help her plan her phirst phabulous phete for youngest son Dylan. However as Dylan is affectionately known as Mr. President, the theme of this sip and see was an "inauguration." What does this entail you ask? Security guards, champagne, and old timey choreographed dances routines with said security men -- so basically a standard Phaedra affair.

Side Note: Why was Dylan dressed like a young dictator? It was super cute, I was just confused. Was Mr. President supposed to be working on peace negotiations with his brother maybe?

And before I put the party discussion to rest, LOOK AT THIS PHOTO!

Mr. President is too cute.