The BAM! Squad

Ep 10: Cynthia's sister is back and stirring up some serious issues for her and Peter.

on Jan 6

Between the return of Mal and the trip back to Athens, this week was a real blast from the past. But it wasn't exactly sunshine and Orange Julius' for everyone.

Kenya lunched with Miss Lawrence to fill him in on the Savannah (pronounced Sa-vah-nah) trip, but more importantly she wore these be-tasseled pumps.

Was anyone else worried that those shoes are a major tripping hazard?

Porsha dropped a bomb on her mom at the pet store when she revealed that she's moving out. Wise location choice, in that Porsha had cute puppies in strollers to distract her from the news.

And speaking of Porsha's house, all I can say is:

As she explains to her family, she went big so that big things would happen. And since it doesn't get much bigger than having a kitchen island that your mom can log roll across, Porsha must be planning for some major changes in her life.