The BAM! Squad

Ep 11: You know it's bad when a Housewife would rather walk into oncoming traffic than deal with more drama.

on Jan 14

Things continue to be tough for Kandi, who continually just can't seem to catch a break in her relationship. Todd is considering taking a new job that would require a great deal of traveling and thus leave her pretty much on her own when it comes to the musical they planned on producing together. At this news, Kandi breaks down because she doesn't want Todd to feel trapped here by the musical, but also wants him to stay. Honestly they should just make this show completely autobiographical about Kandi's relationship woes and call it "Kandi Krushed: The Musical."

Porsha decided to have Phaedra and Kandi over to see her new mansion, which just so happens to be in NeNe's neighborhood (more on this later). Phaedra and Kandi go into financial planner mode and ask why she wants an enormous house in the 'burbs all to herself, and really I was wondering the same thing. Wouldn't it be better to be closer to the city and nightlife for a single lady? Oh well, to each their own. Maybe she's really hoping to improve her golf game?

And then all the ladies had a lunch somewhere, but the important thing is they met Baton Bob, who is a baton-twirling local celebrity who was dressed up in what I think was an outfit from Gaga's "Bad Romance" music video. 

So yeah, more of this guy!