The BAM! Squad

Ep 11: You know it's bad when a Housewife would rather walk into oncoming traffic than deal with more drama.

on Jan 14

Finally this week, Cynthia helped Mal organize a trunk show for her bead jewelry. It's here we learn that Porsha never let NeNe know she moved into her neighborhood, and she decides she'll just spring it on her as a "surprise" at some point. That will clearly end well...

...just kidding! Of course the beans get spilled early, NeNe calls Porsha a bad friend, and Porsha runs off in tears. At this point, Kenya decides she can't handle a single second more of Porsha's weeping and literally runs into oncoming traffic to get away. You've got to really, really be fed up with someone to risk death to get away from them, so the situation was clearly dire for Kenya.

Back inside NeNe decided to go over and make nice with Porsha, apologizing for calling her a bad friend. So it would seem everything is OK between them now, but Porsha better have her over ASAP...

Next week a new lady is on the scene who, you guessed it, has an issue with Todd.