The BAM! Squad

Ep 19: Sure a lot happened, but really all you need to see is Porsha knocking over a cake with a pinata.

on Mar 24

I'm not sure what was a bigger surprise this week -- that Phaedra's birthday pinata was filled with condoms or that Peter and Gregg got into a fight. Or maybe the fact that Apollo thinks everyone cheats. Or when Porsha knocks over Phaedra's birthday cake with said pinata. Basically it was an episode full of shocks and surprises.

We pick up with Phaedra walking in on the Kenya and Apollo conversation, which goes about as well as you'd think it would. The scene was more tense when then Andy announces they have a special guest coming out at a reunion, but just before it hit the fan, the rest of the girls rolled in and Phaedra, in an very wise move, saw herself out. 

When Apollo followed her out only to leave her at the room (without a key!) and return to the party, I'm fairly certain everyone shouted a resounding "Nooo!" at their TV screen. He'll certainly be paying for that one for the foreseeable future.

The next day started off promising, as Miss Lawrence frolicked Sade-style in a ravishing red caftan:

And Apollo managed to make a move in the right direction by making an effort with Phaedra and planning her a birthday party. Later we see he has a nice surprise party laid out for her, complete with a donkey pinata.