The BAM! Squad

Ep 20: Leave it to Gregg to reunite NeNe, Cynthia, and Peter.

on Mar 27

The Mexico trip has come to an end, and not a moment too soon. If these people spent any more time cooped up together, I'm fairly certain they'd all twirl themselves into madness. 

Now we pick up right after NeNe calls Peter a bitch. If you've forgotten what went down, enjoy this play-by-play breakdown of last week's blowout:

So yeah, not exactly the best way to end a vacation. NeNe's face (as usual) said it all:

Let's just hope they didn't all have to sit together on the plane back.

Back in the ATL, Kandi's musical is moving full steam ahead. Well, except for the matter of Porsha's contract, due to her list of demands.

Yep, it was that long and included having equal billing with Eddie Levert as well as her own dressing room (even though Kandi isn't even getting her own dressing room). Don Juan and Kandi were not amused, but plan on working something out with Porsha's manager.