The BAM! Squad

Ep 20: Leave it to Gregg to reunite NeNe, Cynthia, and Peter.

on Mar 27

Back at musical mania, Porsha is MIA from rehearsal and ever the curmudgeon/resident pessimist, Don Juan is ready to cut Porsha loose already. Kandi's nervous, but she believes Porsha will come through.

What's Porsha been up to you ask? Evidently having a Sheree-style independence party with her girlfriends at the club! And speaking of clubs, the newly single Porsha managed to catch the attention of a cute professional golfer (he probably could have done with a bit less gel, but still cute).

Get it, girl!

And then finally the first meeting of the Leakes and the Bailey-Thomas clan. NeNe and Gregg came in full of apologies, which was a relief, although it was tense for a moment when NeNe pulled the "I wasn't calling you a bitch, you were just acting like a bitch" apology. Always a dicey approach, and the word "bitch" was probably said a few too many times. And Cynthia could have played a littler harder to get rather than immediately offering her cocktail to NeNe and ordering a new one. But in the end Gregg brought everyone together with some hand holding, and it appears that they're all back on track.

Next week tragedy strikes for Kenya, and Todd confronts Mama Joyce one-on-one.