The BAM! Squad

Ep 18: The girls encounter the largest snake they've ever seen.

on Mar 17

What I think we all learned was that these ladies CANNOT deal with snakes. Porsha started crying, Phaedra was praying for divine intervention (while also calculating how many pairs of shoes could be made from it), and NeNe just ran out of there pushing aside anyone or anything in her way.

Hey, it's every Housewife for herself when a giant snake is slithering in your direction. Luckily Gregg was on hand to shoo away the pest with his patented snake-repelling technique.

But when that failed, four guys just came in and whisked it off.

When the monster/a pair of Phaedra's future shoes was out of the way, everyone hit the caves and took a dip in the "fountain of youth." Given that the water was allegedly pretty cold, I don't blame most of the crew for passing on taking a dip. I mean they're in Mexico, where you're supposed to be soaking up sun and taking dips in warm water.

Also can anyone figure out why they had to wear those floatation devices?