The BAM! Squad

Ep 3: Kenya has the cops called on her and Porsha's Bedroom Kandi balls go mysteriously missing...

on Nov 18, 2013

We begin this week with yet another person worried about Kandi's relationship with Todd -- Kandi's manage Don Juan. Like Kandi, I don't quite understand why everyone equates her getting married with Todd taking over her finances and businesses. You'd think she announced that she was engaged to Bernie Madoff.

Meanwhile things aren't going so well for NeNe.

With The New Normal cancelled and Glee on hold, NeNe's having some trouble getting back into the swing of being an Atlanta housewife. Luckily Gregg is there to lend a helping hand. And a helping glove.

Cynthia goes to the hospital for her fibroid surgery. What she didn't realize was that it would be a dual bikini wax/fibroid surgery, since the doctor must have forgotten to mention she'd have to be bare down there for the operation. Oops!

Porsha's made her and her two (twin?) dogs Coco and Chanel quite comfortable at her mom's abode. I was worried that Porsha's mom might be feeling the strain of having her two daughters around so much suddenly, and then Porsha said they were like three sisters and I had a revelation -- they are the Kardashians (minus a sister or three). Now if only Porsha's mom could somehow start dating newly single Bruce Jenner...

And over at Kenya's this was happening:

Because doesn't everyone twerk on a piano when they pack?

Now that Phaedra has a new family member, it's obviously time for one of her fab photo shoots. You may remember this one:

And this:

For the latest family photo, Phaedra has chosen to don all white since according to her "black people in white are like little black angels." And she wasn't wrong because AWWW!

Side Note: We finally got our first "everybody knows" of the season: "Everybody know a picture is worth a thousand words." (Read the rest of Phaedra's phamous lines here.)