The BAM! Squad

Ep 21: Everyone is crying in the ATL this week.

on Apr 7

It's hard to believe, but we've arrived at the penultimate episode of this season. And there were a LOT of tears. Seriously, almost everyone cried this week, so let's go tear by tear.

First off, Kandi and her mom finally had their much-discussed therapy session. They each had a private mini session with the counselor in which Kandi yet again explained her frustrations and why she can't be tough out of respect.

More surprisingly, Momma Joyce finally got weepy over the situation. Joyce started by bringing up her concerns that Kandi's gained weight since dating Todd and that Todd hasn't been working. But when the therapist pushed her on the fact that she hasn't given Todd a chance and gotten to know him, she seemed to concede the point and got upset. Progress!

Over at Kenya's house, things were pretty bleak -- her cute little dog, Velvet, passed away! Evidently he was mauled by a larger dog, which is just terrible. Understandably she was very broken up about it, and Aunt Lori came to the rescue to try and lift Kenya's spirits.