The BAM! Squad

Ep 12: Everyone learned not to come for Kandi's mom, food, or man this week.

on Jan 21

Who's ready to pour some wine and spill some tea? You are? Great! Let's jump right in.

Peter and Cynthia may have their ups and downs, but here they are celebrating their third wedding anniversary. Mazel! It seems as if they've at least put aside the whole Malorie-fueled debacle behind them for the night and enjoy an intimate dinner for...four? They seemingly decided to celebrate with another couple, Christopher and Natalie, who (like approximately 20% of the people featured on the show) had some potentially shady things to say about Todd. More on this to come.

In any event, Peter revealed that he had actually planned an intimate dinner for Cynthia (just the two of them) over at their new studio, complete with a serenading from Christopher, who also happens to be a singer. Seriously if there's one thing that Peter is really good at, it's big, romantic surprises.

Over at Porsha's new pad, NeNe stopped by in an attempt to work on their relationship post-trunk show tear fest. NeNe brought over some wine, but her true housewarming gift to Porsha was clearly their little gossip session about Kenya's "African Prince" and her new car. Nothing says "welcome to your new home" quite like getting the tea on your frenemy.