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Tweet Recap: An Explosive #RHOA Reunion Part 1

See what our 'Wives were up to in the Twittersphere during last night's #RHOA Reunion.

In case you haven't heard (Kenya Moore's megaphone can only reach so far), last night's The Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion Part 1 got a bit too Real. Find out what our Georgia peaches were saying about everything that went down.

Let's start at the beginning. Kandi Burruss Instagram-ed this "calm before the storm" shot:

Are those smiles we see from Kenya and Porsha Williams?

There was a plethora of Reunion shade being thrown in the Twitterverse from Kenya on Phaedra Parks:

Kandi weighed in on Kenya's prop problems:

Miss Twirl gave her thoughts on Miss NeNe Leakes' Reunion look: 

Now that's a read.

Even Kenya's seceptre took out it's library card:

That's right, Kenya's sceptre has a Twitter -- maybe it's friends with Yolanda H. Foster's fridge?

But, of course, our 'Wives also sounded off on the outrageous conclusion to Part 1 of the Reunion. In addition to tweeting thanks to her loyal fans, aka #TeamTwirl, Kenya gave a shout out to former #RHOA 'Wife Kim Zolciak:

If anyone knows about RHOA Reunions, it's our favorite wig-wearing diva Kim.

Porsha also commented on the support of her #TeamPorsha fans:

Reunion-pro NeNe re-tweeted about the aftermath:

Newlywed Kandi also weighed in on the possible consequences of this clash:

And to think -- this was only Part 1...

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