Phaedra: Demetria Took Things Too Personally

Phaedra Parks explains her comments to Demetria McKinney. Did you feel you were being shady with Demetria at the recording studio?
Phaedra Parks: Looking back I was being sassy, but it was not with any ill intent. That’s what we all do when we get together. I think because Demetria has not spent a lot of time with me, she probably took things a bit too personally. My grandmother always used to say, “If someone doesn’t know you personally, don’t take it personal.” This is a strong group of very opinionated, independent women, and that can be intimidating at times. Were you surprised Demetria confronted you at dinner?
PP: Nothing surprises me anymore. However, I am shocked that Demetria was more focused on me and the group dynamics than on her debut performance. The “confrontation” would have been more effective if she would have discussed it with me privately, since our initial conversation wasn’t in the presence of the peanut gallery. What was going through your mind during Claudia and NeNe’s confrontation?
PP: When Claudia hit NeNe below the belt, she invited NayNay to join us. Once NayNay arrived, all bets were off. At that moment all I could hear in my ears was Sweet Brown’s famous words, “Oh Lord Jesus it's a fire.” So I responded accordingly by grabbing my ice water and dodging the flames.
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