Cynthia: I Felt a Little Responsible for Tammy

Cynthia Bailey weighs in on the drama in Miami. What was going through your mind during the incident with Tammy and her nephew?
Cynthia Bailey: I was not present during the incident with Tammy and her nephew. I had already left the group to go to bed. I did not have a good feeling about where the night was going, and after the Lake Lanier incident, wanted steer myself clear of any drama. Why did things get heated between you and Kenya over checking on Tammy?
CB: I was not trying to have a heated moment with Kenya. I was not with the ladies when Tammy fell; therefore I was very concerned when I heard about it. I just wanted to go check on her myself to make sure she was OK. I was the one who invited her to Miami, so naturally I felt a little responsible for her, and her wellbeing. Thank God she was not seriously hurt. What did you think when you heard Tammy returned to the house in the middle of the night?
CB: I was told that Tammy was still at the hospital, and would be going to a hotel when she was released. I kept calling her phone to check on her, but it kept going straight to voicemail. I realized after talking to her (after the fact) that when they took her to the hospital for observations, she did not have any of her belongings. Not even her cell phone. So of course when she was released, she came back to the house to get her things. I would have done the same.

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