Cynthia: My Friendship with Phaedra is in a Good Place

Cynthia Bailey opens up about her relationship with Peter Thomas and Phaedra Parks. Were you happy with how your event turned out?
Cynthia Bailey: In between running The Bailey Agency, raising a teenage daughter, and being a wife, I have been working tirelessly on my new fashion eyewear line for the last five months. I had a hugely successful soft launch in the Hamptons over the summer, and was excited to do my official launch in Atlanta. I wanted the focus of my Cynthia Bailey Eyewear launch event to be all about my fashion shades, and let’s just say the shade was real! My event was the first time all the ladies would see each other together since the video of Peter came out and the reunion. I invited all of them to share in my moment, but had no expectation of how I would be received. Regardless of everything that I was going through in my relationships with them and my marriage issues, I wanted the event to beautiful, fun, and successful. I wanted to put all past issues aside for the night and the gossip about my marriage to take a back seat. I was excited for everyone to see my collection, and have a great time! I was so happy to be received with so much love and support. I was a little nervous about making my grand entrance in a swimsuit, but wanted to show that even in the darkest of times, you can make yourself be the light at the end of the tunnel. Why did you get so emotional while talking to your business partner?
CB: My conversation with my partner, Tiffany Williams, the day after the launch got a little emotional. Peter and I had heated words at the eyewear event and also later that night when I got home. When I woke up the next morning, he had already left for Charlotte. I was still very upset about how he behaved at the party, and although our call was supposed to be about our business, I just broke down. Have you and Phaedra repaired your friendship?
CB: My friendship with Phaedra is in a good place right now. We are not close, but I am optimistic that we can start over with a clean slate. A while back, I brought some information that Apollo told Peter to the group regarding her marriage that really hurt her. I am deeply sorry for doing that. I have apologized to her since then, and was happy to have the opportunity to apologize again one on one. I applaud her for inviting me for tea to talk, and being woman enough to put our past issues in the past, therefore allowing us to move forward. Forgiveness is the only way to stop the hurt. What did you think of Porsha's new man, Duke?
CB: I am just as excited for Porsha's new relationship as she is! I am also a lover of love and a hopeless romantic. Love comes in all shapes, sizes, and ages. In the beginning of some of my past relationships, I was also over the moon. There is nothing like meeting someone and falling head over heels in love! My advice would be to go for it, but take your time. True love isn’t going anywhere, no matter how fast you move. Always follow your heart but take your brain with you.

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