Kim Fields' Secret to a Successful Marriage

Kim Fields shares her first impressions of Kenya Moore and dishes on how she juggles career with family. What were your first impressions of Kenya?
Kim Fields: When I first saw Kenya my first thought was, "Wow, she's pretty, tall, and has great hair!"

The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Is Kenya Moore Going into Business with Kim Fields?
Kenya meets with Kim to talk business (and booze). How do you juggle your career with your family?
KF: The biggest blessing is the team that Chris and I have become when it comes to taking care of our sons and our home. Not perfection (of course), always a work in progress like most humans, LOL! I had to let go of the idea of perfect balance. My truth is a balance where nothing falls through the cracks, while being OK with the fact that something may or will. My balance is usually never equal parts to all the aspects of my life, but as long as I can give some of me to all of my life, I'm good! I do realize some parts need more of me at various times. A dear friend once told me, "The team who wins is the team who can make adjustments in real time." I'm always adjusting! How did you and your husband first meet?
KF: A mutual friend introduced us. We were both in Atlanta, working on separate shows. There was an instant attraction. Neither of us was looking for a relationship, so it surprised us both when one began to develop and take on a glorious life of its own. Within a few months of dating we knew we wanted to spend the rest of our lives together! What’s your secret to a successful marriage?
KF: Mutual respect, tons of respectful communication (which includes good listening), lots or prayer, and a great deal of amazing laughter! All of this of course is set upon the foundation of love.

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