Kim: "I Really Do Like the 'Mercial!"

Kim Fields shares her thoughts on the Cynthia Bailey Eyewear commercial and reveals what projects are next. Were you pleased with how the commercial turned out?
Kim Fields: Absolutely, because the client was pleased. Cynthia and her team are taking their brand and product to another level; my team and I are blessed to be a part of that process. Personally speaking, I really do like the 'mercial! It's hot, fun, and everyone is great in it. What are the newest projects you have on deck?
KF: Currently working on my autobiography. We also have another star-studded "Holiday Love" special in the works as well as several scripted comedies and dramas. I'm working with my sister Alexis on a new drama, "Waters' Edge." (She's such a wonderful actress, can't wait!). Kixx & Giggles is moving along nicely (woohoo!). Working on a couple more fun, exciting, and challenging projects in the “K-Lab,” stay tuned... Do you think there's a chance you'd ever work with Kenya in the future?
KF: To say no would limit myself, my industry, and honestly, my faith. Life can be unpredictable, why live it with boundaries or parameters established by negative interaction? Why not be open to whatever comes your way knowing you have the ability to stay strong in your character? We all have negative encounters; finding it within ourselves to forgive, release, and move on keeps us open to any opportunity, including the opportunity to have a different encounter with others, when perhaps it's been a train wreck in the past.

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