Phaedra: The Women in Our Group Can Be Hypersensitive

Phaedra Parks shares her take on the beatless brunch. Why didn't you go fully beatless to Kim's brunch?
Phaedra Parks: A true southern belle never leaves home without a touch of lip color and a smidge of eyeliner. Did you think Kim was being shady with her beatless brunch?
PP: Not particularly; the women in our group can be a bit hypersensitive at times. I understand the message that Kim was trying to convey. Kim was the host of the brunch and anyone who objected to the theme should not have attended. And certainly if you took offense and still chose to attend, show some grace and be polite to your hostess What do you hope for most regarding the divorce process?
PP: More than anything I want Apollo and I to keep everything amicable with a focus on what’s best for our children. All too often parents forget how much their decisions and behaviors impact their children, however I am very clear on the impact a divorce can have on children. I choose to place the wellbeing of my children at the forefront and am very optimistic that Apollo and I will be able work past our differences for the greater good of our children.


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