Cynthia: I Reached My Own Personal Breaking Point

Cynthia opens up about her divorce and the struggles of meeting with a lawyer. What ultimately made you decide it was time for a divorce?
Cynthia Bailey: I ultimately decided that it was time to end my marriage with Peter when I felt like I had reached my own personal breaking point. I believed that I had given as much as I could -- spiritually and emotionally I had nothing else to give. I realized that going forward I could be a better friend to Peter than a wife. How difficult was it to meet with your lawyer about getting a divorce?
CB: It was very difficult. Thinking about divorce is one thing, but actually retaining a lawyer to move forward with your decision makes it more official. On my drive to my lawyer’s office I kept asking myself over and over in my head, "Are you sure this is what you want to do, Cynthia?" What were your first impressions of Moore Manor's makeover when you arrived for the housewarming?
CB: My first impression of Moore Manor's makeover was that I actually was impressed! Very impressed. I had visited the manor in the beginning stages of the makeover process, and let's just say that Shrek has happily returned back to the swamp, and Jason has relocated back to Camp Crystal Lake! Although the manor was not 100% complete and needed a lot MOORE work, everything that was finished was beautiful, and very tastefully done. Moore Manor is going to be amazing. I am very happy for Kenya.

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