Cynthia: "I Was Genuinely Concerned for Kenya"

Cynthia Bailey opens up about all the drama at the Club One opening. Were you surprised Peter didn't invite you to his opening?
Cynthia Bailey: Peter and I are going through a divorce and are no longer a couple. So I wasn't that surprised that he didn't invite me to his Club One opening. I was just a little surprised that he invited everyone else except me! What went through your mind when Kenya told you about Matt's texts?
CB: I was very concerned. I personally don't do well with threats. The texts were very aggressive, and they worried me. I was genuinely concerned for Kenya and her safety.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta
Is Matt Jordan Threatening Kenya Moore?
The drama between Kenya and her ex escalates to a new level. What was it like seeing Peter in person after so long? Was it awkward?
CB: It was a little awkward seeing Peter at first, because I hadn't seen him in several months. The fact that I wasn't invited made it worse. He had no idea that I was coming. He could have been on a date or something. Awkward!

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