Cynthia: I Would Do Anything for Kenya

Cynthia Bailey shares her thoughts on the conversation with Kenya Moore's ex, Matt. How do you think the conversation with Matt went?
Cynthia Bailey: I thought that my conversation with Matt went really well. My only goal when I offered to sit down with Matt was to try to get some clarity on the issues between him and Kenya. I was not there to attack or argue with him. I already assumed that he would be a little bit on the defensive since I was coming to see him on Kenya's behalf, and I wanted to hear him out and be fair. Were you surprised by Kenya's reaction to your conversation with Matt?
CB: Yes, I was surprised by Kenya's reaction regarding my conversation with Matt, because I actually thought it was positive and productive. I had her back 100% and was disappointed that she thought otherwise. I will always defend my friend if I think that she is right, and I will always tell her if I think otherwise. At the end of the day, I feel like I did my best, and that's all I can do, and I'm good with that. I love Kenya, and will do anything for her. In her heart, I think she knows that.

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