Cynthia: The Restoration was a Waste of Time

Cynthia Bailey explains why she thinks Phaedra Parks' restoration service was not successful. Did anything happen between you and Peter on the trip like the other ladies suggested?
Cynthia Bailey: Peter and I had great time in Hawaii as friends. I joked about taking one last lap around the pool because at the time we were still married, but it did not happen. We were in a good space as friends, and that last lap could have jeopardized that and set us back. I did not want to risk it. His friendship and respect means more to me. It was not worth it. Do you think the restoration service accomplished anything?
CB: I think Phaedra had good intentions, but the restoration was a waste of time. I just don't think that all of the women were ready to truly listen to each other and be open to restoration without being guarded and defensive. Not much was restored.

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