Kenya: I Shouldn't Have Followed Porsha Out

Kenya Moore opens up about the trip to Flint and the confrontantion with Porsha Williams. 

Sorry my blog is so late this week because it was my birthday! I’m so overjoyed with the wonderful changes that are occurring in my life. I thank God every day for being restored. I received thousands of birthday wishes that made me smile. Thank you #teamtwirl! Did you enjoy teaching your class at the camp?
Kenya Moore: Absolutely! Phaedra and I connected with those children on such a deep level. Regardless of how tumultuous our friendship has been, we have always had common interests and being philanthropic is important to each us.

A photo posted by Kenya Moore (@thekenyamoore) on What was the best part of your experience at the camp?
KM: I sincerely appreciate and thank Phaedra for inviting me to share my story. Being present in mind and heart, sharing our souls, knowing we care and love them will forever be in their spirits. Those children truly needed us, but most importantly I needed those children. I saw myself in their eyes. They were strong, loving, brave, vulnerable, and resilient at the same time. I am them and they are me. I see them. Thelma and Louise took Flint and the children of Flint took our hearts. What went through your mind during the drama at dinner?
KM: After the immensely positive experience from the camp, I only hope that Porsha can find it in her heart to let go of her grievance, issues, and hostility towards me. I shouldn’t have followed her out. I could see she still has work to do. I hope she can one day take accountability for her actions and learn to apologize for her attacks against me, Jamie, and Cynthia.
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