Is Anyone Down for Porsha Williams' New Diet Challenge? (It's Hard AF)

If you thought it sounded hard when The Real Housewives of Atlanta vet went vegan...

The Real Housewives of Atlanta's Porsha Williams has famously called her approach to a plant-based diet "baby vegan" — a way to do the best she can in a nod to that restricted lifestyle, allowing for the eventuality that "you never know — I could be somewhere and make a mistake," as she described in the clip above.

But if that sounded like a rigid way of eating for your (ahem) tastes, consider a new thing Porsha is trying for the month of February. According to her Instagram post kicking things off this month, she says she'll be cutting out fried foods, alcohol, juice, soda, cookies, cakes, candy, and chips.

She also says alcohol will be the toughest part of the whole thing! (Frankly, it kinda all sounds like the toughest part?)

So what say you, Porsha fans and followers: Are you in, or NFW?

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