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  • Thelma and Louise Take Flint
  • S9/EP11 | Aired:
    January 22, 2017
    Phaedra and Kenya travel to participate in Phaedra's summer camp. Bob gets another shot to win back Shereé, while Porsha sees red flags in her relationship. Phaedra discusses a camping trip -- but the women are concerned about Porsha's anger issues. (43:24)
  • Uncharitable Behavior
  • S9/EP10 | Aired:
    January 15, 2017
    Kenya returns to discover "Moore Manor" has been vandalized again by her estranged boyfriend. Phaedra gives Kenya legal advice, and reveals secrets about her marriage. Drama pops off at Phaedra's pop-up shop between Kenya and a visitor. (43:24)
  • Char-Lotta Drama
  • S9/EP9 | Aired:
    January 8, 2017
    Kenya is invited to host Peter's grand opening of Club One, but Cynthia is disappointed to discover she was not invited to join. Porsha temporarily moves back in with her mom. Peter's grand opening gets derailed by a few surprise visitors. (43:24)
  • Bosom Buddies
  • S9/EP8 | Aired:
    January 1, 2017
    Porsha and Shereé decide to confront Kandi, and everyone is left speechless. Cynthia's daughter and Peter share a tearful reunion. Kandi celebrates her daughter’s birthday as Shereé deals with the cost of expensive taste. (43:24)
  • Model Behavior
  • S9/EP7 | Aired:
    December 18, 2016
    Phaedra calls Kandi to clear the air, but the convo takes a turn. Porsha introduces her boyfriend to the family. Cynthia awaits news on her dream home offer. Kenya gets advice from her dad, but nothing can prepare her for her next Matt encounter. (43:24)

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