Exclusive Video: Cesar Millan Shares Three Tips for a Happy, Well-Balanced Dog

Sorry, pups, he doesn't mention unlimited treats.

As pet owners — or pet parents, if you prefer — we naturally want to keep our furry friends happy. We also want to keep them well-behaved and well-balanced, too. But, since most of them can't talk, we consulted dog behaviorist Cesar Millan to figure out how to get started.

Millan shared three words to think about when approaching training and interactions with your dog and said, if you are doing these three things, you'll have a happy and balanced dog. We're all (four) ears over here.

Naturally, it makes sense that a tired dog behaves well so step one may just be to hit the road or the park for longer trips each time (plus you get added health benefits). Of course, maybe this result is simply because your pup's just too sleepy to get into any mischief when he returns home — but watch the video to find out the other two tips.

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