Did Erika Girardi Sign a Prenup?

The #RHOBH pop star opens up about her marriage to her high-powered lawyer hubby.

These days, you almost expect every power couple to sign a prenuptial agreement before they tie the knot. So color us surprised when we found out that Erika Girardi didn't sign one when she married her high-powered lawyer hubby Tom when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills songstress stopped by Jenny McCarthy's Dirty, Sexy, Funny SiriusXM show Thursday.

But when you've been married as long as Erika and Tom have, do you really need one? "And we'll be together 18 years this November. Married 17 in January. So no, I don't have a prenup," Erika explained. "We have a great relationship, and it's lasted." 

That was clear to see as Erika went on to gush about her husband during the interview. "He's got the best smile and the biggest blue eyes," she said. "He's cuddly. You want to hug him. You want to hold onto him."

However, Erika said she never had any desire to have children with Tom since she already had a son from a previous relationship. "I had a child. I had a son. That was my loyalty. Period, end of story. No, no, no, I had a boy to raise, period," she told Jenny when asked if Tom ever wanted to have kids with her. "And I did an incredible job. He's an incredible kid." 

And Erika seems to have an amazing relationship with her son, with whom she just got off the phone before heading into the studio with Jenny. "He is proud of Mom, and I'm proud of him. I don't think he'd tell you he's proud of me, though. He's a police officer. He's 24. He just turned 24 years old." 

But that doesn't mean her onstage antics as her pop star alter ego Erika Jayne don't make her son cringe sometimes. "I'm sure I've embarrassed his ass," Erika joked. "I bet I embarrass his ass on the regular." 

Learn more about Erika's son, below.

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