The One Beauty Product Erika Girardi Won't Travel Without: Diaper Cream?!

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' jetsetter knows what she's doing.

Not only does The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Erika Girardi have the distinct privilege of flying private — but she travels around the world with her entire glam squad too! (Must be nice.)

So what else could a jet-setting girl with so many beauty resources possibly need? Well, it turns out, the one beauty essential Erika won't travel without is a product that is perhaps best known as a diaper rash ointment: Aquaphor!

There are various formulations in the product range — and not all of the offerings are specifically marketed as baby balms — but the brand's multifunction ointments are also great for moisturizing super cracked skin like rough patches on heels, soothing burns and scrapes, and even softening chapped lips. And Erika is obsessed with the stuff as her favorite traveling staple.

"On a plane you get dried out," she told us. And yes, that happens whether or not you fly private!

"So let’s say I’m flying commercial — I’m not on my plane," she says. "The things I have in my zip-up pocket are Aquaphor and a bottle of water. And that’s it!"

Staying hydrated helps counter-balance that in-fight champagne consumption too. So we're all about her carryon plan!

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