Travel Inspo from Gigi and Bella Hadid: 5 Ways to Jet Set Like a Supermodel

Stay smart, savvy, and stylish on the road.

Gigi and Bella Hadid aren't exactly stars who are just like us — for instance, they fly private with pal Taylor Swift. (#Squadgoals indeed.) In short, the supermodel sisters' travel game is strong as heck... and we want to get on board (ahem) with their whole vibe. From packing smart to getting cultured, here are five ways to travel like a Hadid.

1.  Pack smart.

Sure, Gigi might have a whole team to make her flight stress free but she rolls her wheelie like the rest of us common folk. It looks like Gigi’s toting a Tumi, which might be pricey but it can pretty much withstand anything. Another alternative is to invest in smart luggage — pieces that serve as your personal travel assistant, with flight updates and reminder notifications sent straight to your smartphone.

back to work

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2.  Dress comfortably (but never sacrifice style).

Gigi and Bella might have polar-opposite definitions of "dress comfortably," but there are a few common threads (ahem). Flats are a must, whether leather ankle booties or vintage Converse slip-ons. Make sure they’re not too tight fitting, as your feet will undoubtedly swell. Finally, bring a coat, sweater or scarf to stay warm on those long-haul flights. Save the stilettos for a decadent dinner once you’re on the ground.

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3.  Document everything.

For travelers Gigi and Bella, documenting their journey is all part of... well, the journey! From wheels up to touchdown, they’re snapping drool-worthy Instagrams for their millions of wanderlusting followers. That said, try to live in the moment as much as possible so pick a lane — whether Instagram, Snapchat, or your fancy DSLR — and keep it streamlined.

throwback, paradise landing..

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4.  Get cultured.

Gigi and Bella almost always travel for work but that doesn’t mean they skimp on experiencing the culture of a place — in fact, they always seem to make it a priority. With hot mama Yolanda hailing from Holland, and their dad of Palestinian descent, cultural curiosity is, shall we say, in their genes. Wherever they go, whether the bustling streets of Paris during Fashion Week or the dry desert of Dubai, they’re soaking up way more than just the sun.

5.  Go with the flow.

While we’re on the topic of sunshine, Gigi and Bella are all about letting their wild beach hair fly free! And that's not all though; the sisters often go sans makeup (or close to it) when they’re off the clock. Travel is about testing your limits and going outside your comfort zone, whether that means ditching your hairdryer or overcoming your fear of heights. Easier said than done, we know, but a no-frills attitude never goes out of style.

🚤 MIA ✈️ NYC

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