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Yolanda talks about moving on and forgiving one's self. 

Hello Bravo lovers,

I hope you are having a great week. I am sure busy and overloaded with the holidays.

I would like to keep this week's blog short, as I feel I discussed all in detail last week.

This grave mistake that Bella made has been a big challenge for our family to overcome together. When it occurred months ago, we went through the emotions of being terrified, horrified, disappointed, and sad. Life doesn’t always go according to plan, and we don’t always act in a way that represents who we are. What matters is that these moments become teaching moments. Bella learned a very serious lesson and has to live with her actions, but it’s important to me as her mommy that she learns about forgiveness as well. Forgiveness for one's self is the only way we can keep going through life and give ourselves the best chance at being the best people we can be. I’m with her now in New York City, and I am so proud to see her working hard, being kind to those around her, and getting back to enjoying life.

Much love and until next week,


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