Cast Blog: #RHOBH

Lisa and I Aren't Mismatched

Lisa and Kyle at the Eiffel Tower of Babel

I'm Rooting for Kim

My Sobriety Today

Kim's Not Dr. Drew

Taylor's Trash Talk Is Poisonous

Lisa Stops and Smells the Roses

On Richard Zanuck

An Intervention and Several Nights in Paris

Kyle Won't Be Put in that Position Again

The He Said, She Said Merry-Go-Round

Kyle's "Dark" Party

It's Adrienne's World

On Adrienne's Hypocrisy

Kim's Battle of the Bed

There is No Lawsuit Against Brandi

Brandi Glanville's Feisty 'Today' Interview

I Don't Hold Grudges

Adrienne Is a Liar

Adrienne's Intimidation Tactics

Don't Take Marisa So Seriously

To a Terrible Tea

Still the Topic of Conversation

Lisa Didn't Need Defending

The Adrienne and Brandi Show

Where Was Kyle?

Mean Girl Remarks

Why Kyle Doesn't Defend Lisa

Owned: Camille vs. Lisa

Faye Is on Fire

Kim "Nose" Change

Vegas Was Too Good to Last

Vegas Is Their Oyster

I Love Deanie, But Marriage Is Work

Lisa Finds Her Inner Sexy

Fun Times (and Drama) in Vegas

From Vag Jokes to Real Divorce Talk

Who Are We to Judge?

I'm Not the Biggest Fan of Drama

Agree to Disagree

#RHOBH Spoiler Alert: Let Them Eat Cake!

Can't wait for another episode of #RHOBH? Get a sneak peek at what happens next.

We can't even believe what happens on this week's episode of RHOBH! The tension has come to a boil as the ladies arrive in Amsterdam. No one is safe from the drama, and here are GIFs from the episode to prove it.

Brandi just wants everyone to have some cake!

Wine throwing has turned to glass throwing, can you guess which Housewife gets Lisa Rinna to "lose her marbles?"

What harsh words leave Kyle speechless?

All will be revealed this Tuesday at 9/8c, but while you wait, head over to Beamly and join the conversation.

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