Eileen Davidson: When Will I Learn?

Dispatch from the junk boat: SOS! SOS! We all needed some serenity the next day. The gondolas were terrifying, but the perfect way to experience the views of the green, misty mountains. I think visiting the Buddha statue brought a sense of calm...
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Eden Sassoon: I Just Wanted Dinner

Have you guys ever been in a situation where there are two girls fighting in front of you and you literally have no idea what to do but lie down and cross your feet behind your head and watch? Oh no? Just me? The only thing that would have made...
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Dorit Kemsley: It Was Meant To Be A Joke

Hi everyone, Interesting episode this week. It started out the day after the eventful night at ’s house with the group, and it was great to see that  and  have started to heal and move on. It’s difficult to trust someone who’s called you...
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