Erika Girardi and Kyle Richards Reveal the Secret for Surviving a Real Housewives Trip

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ladies reflect from Berlin. (But what does latex have to do with it?)

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills trips always look impossibly fab, with over-the-top wardrobes and drool-worthy hotels. And while that does tell part of the story, there are some drawbacks to Real Housewives trips, too — as Lisa Rinna recently told Jet Set from her hotel in Berlin

So how do the cast mates survive these whirlwind trips, with all their ups and downs? Well, the ladies shared some thoughts on the matter from their trip in Berlin — and Erika Girardi and Kyle Richards agree on the one key point (clip above).

"The question is often asked, how do you have a good time [on Real Housewives trips]," Erika said. "First off, it’s all [about] the company you keep. So, I wouldn’t be having a good time in Berlin if I wasn’t with these ladies. And you know what? That’s what it’s really all about: having a good time. We’re all away from our families — we’re an ocean and a continent away — so you have to have some kind of fun, and you have to have a relationship with people you really like. It’s all in the company you keep!"

Kyle couldn't agree more. "It’s all in the company you keep," she said. "When we’re not with our husbands, we’ve gotta be with good friends."

Of course, there's more to it than just bonding and friendship. "You have to be laughing, shopping, sleeping well, because otherwise we’re all going to have a meltdown," Kyle said. 

And Erika added that the ladies need, "food, drinks... and we need to have a reason to dress up and have fun."

So what does latex have to do with any of this? Be sure to press play on the clip above to get that part of the scoop!

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